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  • Rose Sleeping Pack

Amitie Rose Sleeping Pack

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Product Features:

  • Rose Flower Extract and petals are included.
  • Sleeping Pack with 70% of flower extract and flower petals in essence for re-charging moisture overnight.
  • Dual Function (Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle) makes skin bright and elastic.
  • For all skin type.

How to use:

how to use

As per request via email.


  • Take an appropriate amount of the product at the final stage of basic care at night and then evenly spread it on your face to make it absorbed into your skin before going to bed. Gently wash it with water in the next morning.

Net Weight: 50ml
Country of Origin: Korea
HSA No.: CCPN1622765

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Product Description

reBom’s Technology

  • Skin Calming effect
    – Rose flower extract and Allantoin
  • Moisturing & Skin wall reinforcement
    – Allantoin, Snail mucus filtration, Acelora extract, Blueberry extract, Asai berry extract
  • Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle (Dual Function)
    – Adenosine and Niacinamide



How to use:

how to use


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