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  • Chamomile sleeping pack

Amitie Chamomile Sleeping Pack

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Product Features:

  • Instead of purified water, the sleeping pack contains chamomile flower extract and real fetal and active ingredients of chamomile petals form a protective shield for oil and moisture of tired skin and sooth sensitive skin during the night when skin actively absorbs nutrients thus making moisture and bright skin.
  • It is a dial functional product containing ingredients included in the MFDS notification for functional cosmetics and it helps maintaining skin bright and resilient.
  • For all skin type.

How to use:

how to use

As per request via email.

  • Take an appropriate amount of the product at the final stage of basic care at night and then evenly spread it on your face to make it absorbed into your skin before going to bed. Gently wash it with water in the next morning.

Net Weight: 50ml
Country of Origin: Korea
HSA No.: CCPN1622768

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Product Description

reBom’s Technology

  • Soothing effect
    – Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract and allantoin
  • Strengthening skin barrier & Hydration
    – Sodium hyaluronate, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, kahai oil, PENTAVITIN-R portulaca oleracea extract and grape fruit extract
  • Dual functional ingredients for brightening and anti-wrinkle
    – Adenosine and niacinamide


[ Chamomile Flower Extract ]

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The name of chamomile means apples from the ground and it is an annual plant of chrysanthemum family originated from the UK and is found worldwide. It has sweet and fresh flavor of apple so it is enjoyed as tea or used for bath and beauty. It revives the vitality of skin by giving conditioning to skin and relieve tensions while comfortably soothing skin.

[ Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil ]

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Kahaioil is extracted from kakaynuts, the fruits of kakaytrees, and its INCI name is Caryodendronorinocenseseed oil which is full of ingredients beneficial to skin such as a large amount of linoleic acid, tocopherol, retinol and omega 3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acids. The oil is excellent for skin regeneration so the people in ancient Amazon used this oil for easing skin irritation and treating burns. Instead of containing synthesized retinol, the oil contains lots of natural vegetable retinol and linoleic acid therefore it has advantages of that even persons with sensitive skin can safely use as it gives moisture and light spread-ability with fewer skin irritation.

[ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice ]

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Aloe barbadensisleaf juice containing lots of moisture is related to maintain hydration of skin and makes skin clear and bright while gently soothing sensitive and delicate skin

[ EGF, FGF ]

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  • EGF(Epidermal GrwothFactor) is a growth factor for epithelial cells constituting skin among other growth factors directly produced from and act directly on human cells, and plays an important role for skin regeneration
  • FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) has a function of stimulating keratinocytes and fibroblast constituting skin, regenerating skin and restoring skin to healthy condition


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  • INCI: Saccharide Isomerate
  • It helps reliving itching and maintaining skin moisture by preventing dryness through effects of skin hydration coming from as it tightly combined to keratin of the corneum.
  • It gently softens skin and strengthens function of skin barrier thus helping healthy skin management.


How to use:

how to use


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